Universal Laser Systems is the leading provider of C02 laser technology solution and Office Dynamics Ltd is the authorised distributor of Universal Laser Systems in East and Central Africa.


With Universal laser machine, you can cut and engrave on paper, leather, Fabric, rubber, wood, plastic or mark on metals and glass among other materials. Universal laser machines are designed and built with market versatility and features that assist as business expand and new market oppotunities unfold.

Markets include, and not limited to, Architectural Modelling, Consumer goods, Fabric, Leather & Embroidery, General Manufaturing, Gift


Manufacturing, Graphic Imaging. Security & Identification, Packaging Development, Paper Goods & Crafts, Personalization & Coporate Identity , Prototyping, Rubber Stamp Manufacturing, Recognition and Awards, Signage, Woodworking, Education and Government.


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